2012 News

Illinois Senate upholds veto of bad bag bill

29 November 2012

Today, the Illinois Senate rejected an attempt to override Governor Pat Quinn's veto of Senate Bill 3442, which would have prohibited cities in Illinois from enacting bans or recycling policy regarding single-use plastic bags.

EU Parliament votes to strengthen shark finning regulations

22 November 2012

Governor vetoes bill to prohibit bag bans

25 August 2012

Illinois Shark Fin Ban Signed into Law

01 July 2012

California approves final piece of MPA network

06 June 2012

The California Fish and Game Commission approved the network of Marine Protected Areas for the North Coast region of the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative. With a 3-0 vote, the Commission brought completion to the network of MPAs in California's open coastal waters, from Mexico to the Oregon state line. The network of MPAs is the first in the United States to be designed from the ground up as a science-based network, rather than a patchwork of independent protected areas without specific goals and objectives.

NY shark fin ban passes Senate Committeee

05 June 2012

The New York State Senate Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation voted 13-1 this morning to pass to the full Senate floor S.6431, which proposes to ban the sale, trade, possession, and distribution of shark fins in New York State.

Los Angeles becomes largest city to ban plastic bags

23 May 2012

Illinois shark fin bill approved by legislature

15 May 2012

Illinois shark fin bill passes Senate committee

25 April 2012

Maryland Senate bans shark fins

26 March 2012

Proposed legislation to ban the sale, trade, posession, and distribution of shark fins statewide (SB 465) was passed by the Maryland Senate this afternoon, 42-4. The bill now moves to the Maryland State House of Delegates.

Illinois House bans shark fins

08 March 2012

San Francisco expands bag ban

07 February 2012