Recent News

COARE's Executive Director Elected to UNEP's MGFC

01 July 2023

COARE's Executive Director was elected to represent the NGO Major Group to the Major Groups Facilitating Committee of the United Nations Environment Programme.

COARE Delivers Joint Opening Statement at INC-2

04 May 2023

Our Executive Director was honored to deliever a joint opening statement at the second meeting of the Plastics Treaty International Negotiating Committee (INC), held at UNESCO in Paris.

INC-2 Joint Opening Statement

COARE Featured on NPR Radio KQED

09 March 2023

COARE's Executive Director was invited to KQED's Forum program on NPR to the United Nations agreement to protect the High Seas, paving the way towards 30x30.

High Seas Treaty adopted

05 March 2023

This weekend United Nations agreed to a new #HighSeasTreaty to begin protecting the 2/3 of #OurOcean that is the #HighSeas. Less than 1.2% is currently protected, and COARE is proud to have been part of this process finally paving the way for #30x30!

COARE Invited to Our Ocean Panama

02 March 2023

COARE was invited to the participate in the Our Ocean Conference - a high-level summit with Ministers and Heads of State to discuss the future of our Ocean.