Recent News

Environmental Justice Report Launched

30 March 2021

COARE is proud to announce the launch of a new report on the Environmental Impacts of Plastic Pollution, written in conjunction with Azul and published by the United Nations Environment Programme

Break Free From Plastic Prodution Act Reintroduced

25 March 2021

COARE's Executive Director participated in yesterday's Press Event as the Marine Life and Global Policy Expert

COARE Drafts Proposed Executive Order to reduce Single-use Plastic

18 Decmber 2020

Working with PPC, COARE drafted an Emergency Executive Order which would reduce single-use foodware waste exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic

Presidential Plastic Action Plan released

08 Decmber 2020

COARE was among the convening partners to draft and launch the Presidential Action Plan endorsed by more than 550 groups outlining 8 priority actions President-Elect Biden can take to tackle the plastic pollution crisis