Green Divers for Blue Oceans®

SCUBA divers and freedivers are intimately aware of the oceans and the life within it.

Green Divers for Blue Oceans® was born out of the passion our board members all share for SCUBA diving. Divers are lucky enough to see the ocean in ways many people do not, and can be highly attuned to subtle changes in ocean health. Since divers are so connected to the ocean, COARE believes they can and should use their experiences to promote conservation.

Green Divers for Blue Oceans® encourages best practices for conservation among divers and the diving industry. It provides divers with materials and messaging to enlighten business and other people, and encourages them to practice and promote environmental responsibility in their diving. The current recommendations for best practices are constantly revised, improved, and expanded.

COARE has often met with dive groups and clubs to discuss how divers can be ambassadors for ocean conservation, and will soon launch new materials for other dive industry sectors.

What you can do to help

  • When diving, seek non-threatening interactions with sharks and other animals. Your tourist dollars help affirm to the local economy the value of living creatures.
  • Don't touch marine wildlife or coral, and be careful not to kick up the bottom or disturb habitats.
  • Remember to bring and use reusable water bottles and containers
  • Avoid single-use materials
  • Be a role model for conservation practices