Heating Things up in Sacramento

Wednesday, 02 July 2014

- World Oceans Day
- Sacramento Hearings
- Causes

Hello fellow ocean lovers!

In our eighth year of events honoring World Oceans Day, we celebrated as partners with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and participated in their special weekend-long festivities at the Aquarium.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those who recently joined our mailing list after meeting us at the Aquarium. Many special thanks to two of our directors, Christopher and Jilian, and to our stellar volunteers and interns Cameron, Tina, and Tyler - who staffed our table there, helping us bring our message to the more than fourteen thousand people who attended the Aquarium that weekend!

Sacramento Hearings

On 18 June, Our Executive Director and several of our interns went to Sacramento, California's State Capital, to support two important measures. Both SB270 (the proposed statewide ban of plastic bags) and SB1138 (regarding seafood labeling) were being heard that day.

This was the first trip to the capitol - and the first legislative hearings - for each of our interns, and they had the opportunity to meet a few of our local lawmakers. While the process was interesting, the bag bill was put on a temporary hold after testimony was given. The interns each were able to witness, firsthand, how industry lobbyists attempt to sway votes with ridiculous and outlandish claims. COARE will be working diligently to convince the legislative leadership to release that bill for further consideration.

The second hearing was a little more fruitful, and SB1138 (which enjoyed unanimous support in the Senate), passed out of the Assembly Standing Committee on Agriculture with a unanimous vote as well!


We are slowly adding to our presence in various social media outlets, and are looking forward to announcing some of those later this summer. For now, we're excited to announce our new official presence on Causes.

Causes has been a great resource for us in the past, bringing us features like directed campaigns, polls, and birthday wishes. Things have changed a bit, and we're hoping to make the most of the new layout and direction. If you haven't already pay us a quick visit there and let causes know you're one of our supporters:



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Wishing you healthy oceans,
Your friends at COARE

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